OOTD: Modern 70s Fashion

July 6, 2015Kelly Baum

OOTD: Modern 70s Fashion
“Did you ever have to find a way to survive and you knew your choices were bad, but you had to survive?”
-Irving Rosenfeld, American Hustle

I was shopping over the weekend (surprise, surprise) and I stumbled on this little faux wrap dress in Kohls and instantly I had the perfect American Hustle, 1970s inspired look in my head. Now I’m a big, big fan of 70s fashion, really I love any decade but the 80s & the 90s (so not my thing) and I’ve been scouring Etsy trying to find easy, breezy 70s dressed. So imagine my surprise when I came across this inspired piece for $10 on the clearance rack! I’m so excited for this outfit, just give me a permed Bradley Cooper and a big fur coat and I’m in American Hustle business! Here’s the rest of my modern 70s fashion OOTD:

OOTD: Modern 70s Fashion

OOTD: Modern 70s Fashion
Gorgeousness. And this dress is so, so comfy. All day I’ve had the American Hustle soundtrack playing while I was doing my makeup (a new favorite look of mine, bronze and green/gold) and it’s the perfect blend of jazz with Duke Ellington and Jennifer Lawrence-inspired dance scenes with Live and Let Die. Here’s the details on all the pieces that make up this outfit and what I found online to be similar:

OOTD: Modern 70s Fashion
Dress: Apt. 9 from Kohls, similar here and here
Necklace: Apt. 9 from Kohls, similar here and here
Aviators: Wizards of the West, similar here and here
Shoes: Sandals by Rialto, similar here and here

I hope you enjoyed this little OOTD and got a little modern 70s fashion inspiration. Here’s a close up of my makeup which is a gold/green eyeshadow on top of a bronze base, with a warm brown shade in the crease:

OOTD: Modern 70s Fashion
Thanks for reading,
Kelly xoxo

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