Spring Break Essentials

March 5, 2015Kelly Baum

Check out these Spring Break essentials from A Thing of Beauty!
So bad news for me, my school’s spring break was last week and I went…no where. But, a girl can dream! If I could go anywhere for break this year (and I never have) it would be the Bahamas. Or really, anywhere that’s warm and with a sandy beach. But, just because my spring break was bleak doesn’t mean yours has to be! Here’s my top spring break essentials and I’d love for you to let me know in the comments what your essentials are, too!

Check out these Spring Break essentials from A Thing of Beauty!
Aviators — they’re the ultimate cool/beach girl accessory! Unfortunately for me, I have glasses (and no contacts) so I own three pairs of aviators that never get worn, but I hold out hope to hit the beach with them someday! Check out this classic pair from Ray Ban.

Lip Balms — take at least two with good SPF. Trust me, sunburnt lips ain’t fun. Baby Lips are my favorite because they have SPF 20 and a great shade selection to choose from! And if you loose one, they’re under $4 so it won’t hurt. Check out my favorite shade, Cherry Me.

Moisturizer — I didn’t include a sunscreen in this list because duh, take one with you, but a good moisturizer is also very important. If you do get a little too much sun on your face, keep your moisturizer in the hotel room fridge, not only will it help heal your face but it will feel amazing on your skin if it’s a little overheated! Check out this Vitamin C Moisturizer by Instanatural.

Toothpaste — Now I know this big tube of toothpaste doesn’t exactly fit airport security standards, but, this is such a fun, bright brand that I thought it had to be included! With their fun flavors (think Mojito Mint!) & naturally-friendly ingredients, this is definitely a toothpaste to travel with. Check out my favorite flavor, Peach Mango Mint.

iPod — It’s been years since I’ve pulled this bad boy out but now that I’ve been slowly starting to get back into a gym routine, my iPod has been my lifesaver. If you’re looking for some new songs, I’ve been loving Metronomy and Ladytron lately!

Two Piece — It’s the Spring Break classic. This is part of a set I got from H&M last year ($4.95 just for the top!) and I highly recommend checking out their bathing suits-cheap but they’re still a bit more modest than those little triangle things everyone else seems to sell! Here’s another equally gorgeous swim suit from Acacia.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely ready for a trip, now! You won’t catch me without these spring break essentials any time soon.


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