My Favorite Spring Blushes

My favorite spring blushes at A Thing of Beauty!

As you already know, I’m a blush junkie. I love a good peach blush and nothing excites me more for spring than pulling out my fresh, peach blush shades. I narrowed my picks down to four that I really, really love for spring and that give me a fresh glow that is complimentary for the spring season. I also decided to go with two higher end options and two drugstore options, just to keep it interesting!

My favorite spring blushes at A Thing of Beauty!

My favorite spring blushes at A Thing of Beauty!
So here’s a little bit more about the four blushes I chose:

The Balm “Hot Mama”, $27 – a buttery light peach shade with the slightest hint of golden shimmer. Really gorgeous, gives a beautiful glow. I have yet to come across a drugstore blush that’s a dupe!

Paula Dorf Cheek Color in “Passion”, $23 – this is my pick for days when I’m going for the “no-makeup” look or I want a less dramatic cheek. It’s matte, it’s a light dusty rose shade, and it’s also a slightly dryer formula than the other blushes I’m showing here.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in “Autumn Peach”, $2.99 – they aren’t kidding when they say “silky”! This has a great formula and is a great orange-based shade, which makes it very brightening and a nice change from the berry-based blushes I wore all winter.

NYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon, $6 – let’s be honest, I wear this year round, but I pull it out to put on top of my beauty desk in spring time especially because it’s an even brighter blush than Essence’s Autumn Peach, but this is really what I use toward the end of spring/beginning of summer to get sun kissed cheeks (I’m pale so it works!).

So those are my top four blush picks for spring! I’d love to know what your favorite blushes for spring are, I can always use suggestions on what blushes to buy next so let me know in the comments below!

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    • Don’t let them scare you! Remember that my swatches are concentrated using my finger-when you use a brush you pick up much less product & blend it out! Trust me, if it was scary/too much on my fair skin, it wouldn’t be in this post 😀

  1. I’ve heard so many great things about NYX “Cinnamon.” I’m definitely going to check it out. Right now my go to blush a cream blush by NYX called “Tickled.”

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