Essie Lilacism, review & swatches!

February 3, 2015Kelly Baum

Essie Lilacism review and swatch
I’m starting to clean out my nail polish drawers because I’m moving in the next month and dragging all that nail polish around sucks (beauty bloggers, you feel me?) and I came across this Essie polish which, surprise, I’ve never reviewed on the blog! This is Lilacism by Essie, which is a cream finish lilac/lavender shade.

Essie formulas are always…interesting to me. The first coat of Lilacism was streaky, patchy and overall gross. But the second coat almost completely covered it in a solid even coat. Overall I’m impressed because I’ve found pastel shades in nail polishes to be trickier to work with, but this goes on really well! This will definitely become a staple in my collection come March when I start pulling out the spring shades.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite Essie polish I should buy next? Let me know in the comments below!

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Kelly xoxo

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