I baked a pie. And so should you!

October 29, 2014Kelly Baum

Well guys, it’s been a rough week. It’s only Wednesday but these past couple days would have made anyone want to crawl in bed with a slice of pie and not come out. That’s just how life goes sometimes and it’s all about getting through. So, I baked a pie. A delicious caramel apple pie. Baking for me is a stress reliever so if you’ve been having a week similar to the one I’m having, take an hour out and bake a delicious pie. Here’s some of my favorite recipes that I’ve made successful pies out of:

The Best Dutch Apple Pie
Oh So Easy Caramel Apple Pie
Blackberry Pie
Cinnamon Apple Pie

I always buy the crusts premade to made it easier but the fillings are from scratch! I promise it’s not as hard as it sounds. I’ve made a pie every Saturday for the past 5 weeks, if that gives an indication!

So thanks for reading, take life easy, and go bake a pie.
Kelly xoxo

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