DIY Dorm Room Message Board!

August 7, 2014Kelly Baum

DIY Message Board

I’m a big fan of large boards that I can tack up ideas, photos, momentos, and more but trying to do something like that in a dorm room can be a bit of a mess-last year the walls were repainted in my room which made the walls so incredibly slick that tape wouldn’t stick. If you want to go the cork board route, something this size would coast $10-15, and you have to hope it sticks with Command strips on the wall. So in short, here’s my under $5 alternative that is super easy, customizable, and they’re light so they easily stick to any wall!


So this was super quick and easy! Here’s all you need:

-Foam core board, $1.79
-Fat quarter of your favorite fabric, $1.49
-Safety pins, $1.50
-Duct tape, 3M Command Strips

All you have to do to create this is place the foam core in the center of the fabric, cut it at the corners so everything lays flat, and then duct tape each side down one by one! Then hang it to your wall with a Command strip at each corner and use safety pins to hang up your stuff-don’t use thumbtacks otherwise they’ll go straight through the board.

So I’d love to know what you think-are you getting ready to go back to school & starting your dorm shopping? How to you display your photos and little momentos?

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Thanks for reading,

Kelly xoxo

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