I tried nail stickers…and I liked it!

July 17, 2013Kelly Baum


So I’ve tried the Sally Hansen nail stickers once when they first came out, and it was disastrous. It looked like a five-year-old tried to do my nails.

So, you could say I’ve been a little weary of nail stickers since. But, Incoco asked if I wanted to review some of their nail polish appliqués and I couldn’t refuse after hearing so many good things about them!

I was sent a few different packs but my favorite was “Pink Parasol”, from their spring collection. These retail for $8.99 on their website and come with 16 total individual nail stickers.

So how Incoco’s nail stickers work is you get a sealed envelope of nail appliqués which they advise you use immediately after opening. They come attached to each other and you just break them up and start sizing them to your nails.

I had no problem finding enough accurate matches to my nails, which is good because I have larger than average nails. So once you have your chosen stickers, you peal off the transparent protector on top, and then the actual sticker itself. You line it up, and stick it on!

I had almost zero problems with application-it was really easy to stick them on and use a nail file to cut the excess off! I will say though, that one of the stickers was creased before I even opened it, which I feel shouldn’t happen when these cost almost $10.

But overall, I’m really pleased! The design is lovely and they were easy to apply with little mess or smell!

Click here to check out Incoco’s online shop!

Thanks for reading,
Kelly xoxo

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