So long, farewell Google Reader! Stay updated with A Thing of Beauty!

June 30, 2013Kelly Baum

So you probably know or have heard that today is Google Reader’s last day (very sad, it was my favorite RSS reader) so don’t get lost in the shuffle-here’s all my links that you can follow to stay updated with A Thing of Beauty, including my Bloglovin’ link!

If you’re confused on how to import all of your previous RSS subscriptions into Bloglovin’, there’s some great tutorials available on Bloglovin’s homepage to help you out!

Click here to follow via Bloglovin’!

Here’s all my other links you can follow me by:

Follow via GFCSubscribe via emailRSS feedBloglovin'Twitter'Facebook'Pinterest'Pinterest'

I highly recommend following my blog via email subscription-it’s the easiest way to keep up on new posts because they get delivered straight into your inbox! Click here to follow via email.

So let me know if you’re a new follower (or an old follower!) in the comments below with your username so I can follow you back!

Thanks for reading
Kelly xoxo

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