My Experience at the Bare Escentuals Outlet Store

August 26, 2011Kelly Baum
Yesterday I visited an outlet mall near me, and I decided to pop into the Bare Escentuals outlet store.
Now, the only makeup-oriented store I had ever visited before is Sephora. I know, I have yet to make it to an Ulta! So, for those of you who haven’t been to ‘makeup-oriented stores’ or are relative newbies when it comes to makeup, I thought I’d give you a rundown of my experience!
The store itself was very nicely set up, with all the displays and what not, and a big table in the center where the workers could do swatch tests and show you how their makeup works.
While I was there, one of the ladies very kindly did a full face of makeup on me using their mineral foundation, an all over face powder for a bit of depth, and their famous mineral veil.
As for the makeup she put on me, it looked fine when she first put it on, and about an hour later I looked like I had been aged 10 years. It was positively ghastly! My undereye circles looked awful (despite her applying “concealer”), and all of the powder had settled into the fine lines under my eyes, which generally aren’t noticeable. Not impressed!
Since I went to an outlet store, all of the prices were severely marked down as opposed to what you would find at Sephora or Ulta. For example, I bought a radiance color in Rose Radiance (review coming soon!), which only cost me $6.50, but is listed as $19.00 on their website. Lipglosses from the Bare Escentuals line were $6.50, and many of the brushes were listed as $6.50 as well. They had a nice display of eyeshadows that were $9.50.
Overall, it was a pretty nice store. While I’ll stay away from the face products if I go back, the prices were phenomenal and a lot cheaper than drugstore makeup!
Have you visited a Bare Escentuals Outlet store? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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