Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blush in Winter Glow, Review

May 7, 2011Kelly Baum
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So you know when sometimes you’re really excited to try a new product, and then…it ends up being the biggest fail ever? This was definitely one of those products. I picked up this Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blush with such high hopes that it would be the perfect winter blush but it was utterly disappointing. And it wasn’t just the formula or the color, it’s just an unfortunately product all the way around.

// Rimmel London Lasting Finish Blush in Winter Glow

So problem #1 is the texture. As you can see from the photos, it is beyond chalky. Pink powder just ends up going everywhere and it’s quite a mess.
Problem #2 is the shades themselves. There’s so much chunky glitter in the last two that it’s literally unsightly. At least on my face, it did not look like a good blush for me. These shades, since they’re darker and brighter, would definitely look better on darker skintones since it really overwhelmed my complexion.
Without flash
With flash

The Bottom Line:

I was incredibly disappointed with this blush and it’s definitely not something that I would recommend. It’s just too chalky and glittery to be workable, especially when there’s so many other high-quality drugstore blushes available.

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